Trafalgar Lane

Trafalgar Lane – 855 Stanely Street is a visionary project that salutes the laneway culture of Melbourne – overlaying it with the influences of the surrounding antique precinct to create a unique local pulse point.

It will become the lubricant that will merge social with secular and domestic; setting a new benchmark as Brisbane actively seeks to adopt laneway living.

This is a ‘NOW’ destination. It’s a collisions of old and new influences – it’s where yesterday meets tomorrow, where retrospective meets prospective, where we’ll meet you.


Trafalgar Lane – 855 Stanely Street, Woolloongabba, Brisbane

The Making of a brand! – Ideation

The shield and ‘T’ form a classic heritage crest being,
contemporary, fashionable and in the now. The lions are
represented as a woodcut creating a bold statement, with ‘T’
and shield drawing inspirations from the ‘Regency Stripe’.

The Original online concept was presented as a ‘blog’ style experience – it was intended to be produced as an alternative to the traditional property development online experience.

The final arrival

A responsive site focusing on the hero photography of the development and the local area.

EDM marketing

This DVD and YouTube video presentation – was targeted at property investors looking to add to their portfolio.

Construction site – hoarding concept

  • Role Creative, Art Direction & Design

  • For Pellicano | Property & Construction

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